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The American Game Table is something you have never seen before: a six sided game table. It's so simple you'll wonder why no one ever did it before.


Six full-size game boards are painted onto each of six sides of a square wooden box roughly the size of an end table. The table is simply turned over until the desired game is on top ready to play.  Raised ridges along two sides of each game keep the bottom game raised up the off the floor to prevent scratching.


Game pieces are stored inside the table which is  accessed through a "magic door" on one of the six sides.  Pieces for each game are stored inside drawstring pouches. Pieces will never get lost or destroyed.


The American Game Table has no moving parts except for the "magic door" which has only one moving part -  the door itself.  The table is made from cabinet grade plywood and is extremely durable.  It will last for generations.  Your great grandchildren will play with The American Game Table and re-tell stories told to them by their parents about legendary games and magic moments from years gone by.


When the table is not in use it can be used as an end table-awaiting the time when it will be brought out to help create another legendary game ...and maybe even a magic moment.


Also  included are:


 ♦ Seven heavy-duty corduroy draw-string pouches for game pieces; 


♦ Premium game pieces for all the games including tournament grade weighted chess pieces, box- wood checkers, glass marbles, steal and nickel cribbage pegs, and wooden backgammon checkers; 


♦ Rules and histories for all games!


 Price is $595 plus shipping.







                       Unsolicited Testimonials


This game cube will form the basis for a long lasting tradition of game playing at our lake house I am sure. Regards. Ed in Minnesota


At our cottage. Just need the grandkids. Thanks. Roy in Maine


Pete it was great talking with you on the phone just now . . . I am in my 37th year as an appraiser and consider myself extremely privileged to hold two five-year contracts to do appraisals of gifts given to our federal officials here in Washington. Please keep my email address so you can write me in one or two years to tell me how your business has grown.  You have a unique item of high quality. Take care. Jerry in Washington DC


Leo loves it. Eleana in Vermont


My good friend has one and my son fell in love with it.  Guy in Minnesota


We purchased the game cube at a craft fair in New Hampshire in October 2012 and have been very happy with it. The game cube is a high quality hand made piece of furniture that will last a lifetime of use!  Yolanda and Ethan in Massachussetts


We still have all three. They’ve held up remarkably well since they’re used a lot during the summer. We keep one in the boys area , one in the girls area and one in the staff lounge.  We love them and would highly recommend them to other camps. Marci in Massachussetts


We love the game tables and our campers get a lot of use out of them. We keep them in front of the fireplace and find campers using them all times of day rain or shine. Everyone raves about how beautiful they are . . .and sturdy.  Vanessa in Vermont










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